As of early 2022, more than 1,300 mass timber projects have been built, are under construction, or in design in the US. The rise in popularity of mass timber and technical advancements in the mass timber space has one architect describing this period as “a timber renaissance, with new milestones in timber construction being reached at a breakneck pace.”

Volume 2 of the Mass Timber Digest features a diversity of design teams across the country breaking new ground through novel research, conceptual designs, rapid prototyping, and technical testing. From a full-scale mass timber hotel prototype rewriting the rules of hospitality design to net-zero passive house design for a mass timber affordable housing project, see how mass timber's assent is a bright spot for industry leaders looking for cost-effective solutions to decarbonizing the built environment via five new articles.

As mass timber goes from niche to mainstream, stay up to date and discover what’s possible with the Mass Timber Digest, Volume 2.

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